Video: protect your tomatoes against mold

Video: protect your tomatoes against mold

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The advice of experts from the Plant Clinic will help you better understand the diseases of your vegetable plants and treat them properly. In this sequence, sick tomatoes are subjected to Arnaud, following the appearance of mold. Follow the advice and recommendations on video!

Question from the user

"I can't even enjoy my tomatoes anymore. Almost all of them are covered in mold. How can I prevent that from happening again? Thank you."

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Auscultation and diagnosis

We can no longer make out the characteristic red of these tomatoes, as the mold has eaten away at the plant. As for the green tomatoes, they do not seem attacked, they appear brown, as if burned, and present blisters. These tomatoes are victims of late blight, a disease caused by a fungus that thrives in a humid and warm environment. The plant can dry out in just a few days. This fungal disease also attacks potatoes and vines.

Some recommendations

In the present case, the current harvest is obviously spoiled. It is therefore advisable to tear off the feet and burn them. If the fungus has not yet spread too far, remove the diseased parts to stop the spread. The following year, choose another place to set up your plants. As a preventive, proceed with a fungicide treatment. Choose nettle manure or a copper-based product, such as Bordeaux porridge.