What are the advantages of the electric moisture absorber?

What are the advantages of the electric moisture absorber?

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How does an electric moisture absorber work?

Theelectric moisture absorber, also known as electric dehumidifier, is a device which, as its name suggests, is used to lower the humidity in a room and thus dehumidify the ambient air. It is a small and space-saving piece of equipment which works on a very simple principle:

  1. The air in the room is drawn in by the ventilation system of the absorber.
  2. Once in the ventilation system, the air condenses and changes from gaseous to liquid status.
  3. The water thus formed lands in a small receptacle which it suffices to empty.

To note : if it is very useful in lowering the humidity level linked to condensation in homes, keep in mind that an electric (or chemical for that matter) dehumidifier can in no way solve the causes of humidity problems at home. The electric moisture absorber is very practical for dehumidify a room after a water leak or occasionally in the wet season ... but it will not be able to solve a real humidity problem at home. If this is the case, call a professional who will diagnose the cause and provide you with lasting solutions.

What are the advantages of an electric moisture absorber?

The electric moisture absorber is often opposed to thechemical moisture absorber, another type of dehumidifier, cheaper and which works without energy. However, the electric moisture absorber has many advantages over its chemical counterpart, which explain its success with individuals who have humidity problems at home. Especially :

  • Its great absorption capacity: some models can indeed absorb up to 30 liters of water in just one day.
  • Her ease of use : to make it work, just press the "on" button on the dehumidifier. Unlike the chemical dehumidifier, you don't need to buy cartridges or refills afterwards.
  • His efficiency, especially in rooms known for their humidity such as kitchens or bathrooms.
  • The diversity of models (different sizes and different absorption capacities) which exist to suit all possible surfaces.

Electric moisture absorber: what disadvantages?

While it has many advantages and is second to none to effectively regulate the humidity level in a room, the electric humidity absorber also has a few weak points:

  • Because of its operating system, it is a device that, unlike a chemical moisture absorber, will consume electricity. If you operate it for several hours all year round in a room, your EDF bill will inevitably be affected!
  • Some models of electric dehumidifier have a fairly noisy ventilation system ... which can be painful, especially if your device is placed in a room like the kitchen or your bedroom!

To note : for use an electric moisture absorber without your electricity bill reaching peaks, consider operating it during off-peak hours.

The price of an electric dehumidifier

If you want to invest in an electric moisture absorber, know that the price range is wide enough for this type of product, and that you can find commercially as well entry-level devices around 35 € on average only models over 450 €!

In general, remember that for an electric humidity absorber of correct quality, it will take around a hundred euros - the cheaper models are often not very efficient.