Material focus: how to choose a canvas for painting?

Material focus: how to choose a canvas for painting?

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If you are new to painting on canvas, you probably already had to come up against this big question: which canvas should I choose to make my first work? Here are some elements that will allow you to make your choice and finally let your art express itself.

The material of the canvas

There are three main materials used as a basis for the design of painting canvases : linen, cotton and polyester fiber. These textures have different characteristics.

  • The toil e de lin offers a solidity to any test that will give your work an exceptional longevity. This kind of canvas welcomes the painting acrylic that the painting oil. The downside of the canvas of linen lies in its relatively high purchase price. Thus, a linen canvas frame of 18x14 cm costs between 8 and 15 euros depending on the quality of the linen. It is more suitable for experienced painters.
  • The cotton canvas is ideal for beginners, because it is less expensive to buy than linen. However, it offers less resistance to tension and to the passage of time. This kind of canvas is not recommended for painting oil. In terms of budget, expect a price ranging between 15 euros for a small canvas canvas frame and 230 euros for a canvas 130x81 cm.
  • The polyester fiber canvas is particularly suitable for the glazing technique. It has a generous grain which facilitates large format work thanks to its ability to mark brushstrokes well. The average cost for an 18x14 cm polyester fiber canvas frame is around 3.5 euros. It is ideal for beginners.

The format of the canvas

Whatever their material, the paintings are available in a multitude of formats ranging from small to 12.5x12.5 cm to larger which can reach 195x130 cm and more. The choice of format depends mainly on your desires and your creative ideas. For a painting abstract the paintings large format seem better suited, because they favor artistic expression. A portrait, on the contrary, requires a more restricted workspace. A canvas medium size will be perfect for a beginner artist.

The coating of the canvas

The preparation of a canvas is a major criterion for making the right choice. In this area, it is strongly advised to favor a universal coating in several layers. This precaution will assure you a greater finesse of your coated canvas and, therefore, a good quality catch.