Deco errors to avoid in the "video games" area

Deco errors to avoid in the "video games" area

They are as tall as three apples, in the midst of a teenage crisis, students, young workers, 30s or quadra. What do they have in common? Being adept at the console. An intergenerational passion that often involves a dedicated space in the house with a TV screen, a few controllers, a wii or a playstation, poufs and a sofa. A space for gamers in which certain decorative faux pas are worth avoiding if the 'we want to play full time in the best possible conditions ...

Mistake # 1: choosing strong colors

For the well-being of our eyes, strong colors are to be avoided in the "video games" area. The reason goes without saying. Focusing their attention on a fixed point on the small screen for hours, often in almost darkness, it tires! So imagine that we put a layer over by repainting the walls and accessorizing the space with strong colors! The poor will want more from us. No need to add more. Red, yellow, fuchsia, orange and other pop colors, deemed too aggressive are therefore to be ousted from the cast. We prefer soft and neutral shades such as ice blue, marshmallow violet or opaline green, soothing rather than stimulating. Guaranteed benefits for gamers!

Mistake # 2: adopting aggressive lighting

For the same reasons as for the color, we prefer to use soft and subdued lighting that is good for our eyes! Exit therefore neon lights, light ribbons, lampposts and suspensions at maximum voltage. Instead, wall lights, Japanese paper hanging lamps and low-energy auxiliary lamps scattered in small poles here and there, illuminate the space while making it as relaxing as it is intimate. A winning choice to balance the excess energy from video games!

Mistake # 3: neglecting comfort

Sitting poorly for a quarter of an hour is unpleasant. Imagine the effect felt in a place where you collapse and where you sometimes stay concentrated for an afternoon or an entire evening! Let it be said here, comfort is sacred in the "video games" corner. No question then of skimping on the softness and flexibility of the beanbags and couches chosen. And that's not all. We are happy to complement this ultimate comfort bias with footrests, modular seats and head or back cushions to maximize the result. After all, to win and chain the games, it is better to be perfectly installed.

Mistake n ° 4: disregard the decor

In terms of decoration, we could limit ourselves to the basics: a screen, controllers and a sofa. To which dé retorts a big No. Because we must admit that playing in an empty space does not have the same effect as playing in a personalized space. It's more enjoyable, and it's an opportunity to focus on our favorite games. Consider, for example, pixelating the atmosphere, using a Space Invader-style stickers or a fun object, such as a Pac-Man clock, a Mario or Luigi cushion ... Our practical decoration videos