Unusual: the picnic rug revisited by Fatboy

Unusual: the picnic rug revisited by Fatboy

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The beautiful days are back, we can finally take advantage of public parks and private gardens to settle outside. Lunches on the grass, moments of idleness and snacks in the sun are waiting for you with the new XXL outdoor rug from Fatboy.

We sit outside

Once more codified, outdoor dining has become more relaxed over the years. With sunny days, it is a habit for many French people. It allows you to relax on weekends or evenings with family or friends and changes us from the framework of everyday life. Once installed, you take out your food boxes and water bottles to satisfy everyone. The process has become very user-friendly and pleases all ages: 84% of French people enjoy picnics regularly. We take the opportunity to take a nap in the sun, chat with those we haven't seen in a long time or play with the children.

The East-style picnic

Tired of sitting on the same old blanket that belonged to your grandmother for years? U.S. too ! So we looked for an original plaid for you and we found it: the Fatboy brand, famous for its huge ottoman in which we like to throw ourselves, launches its XXL carpet for the picnic. We are not used to seeing Persian rugs outside and yet Fatboy did. 100% practical, everything is provided: 4 fasteners to fix the flying carpet, a hole for the parasol, a pocket for our precious things and even a brush to chase away the sand. The whole thing then rolls up and becomes an easy-to-carry bag, thanks to the integrated strap. We then set the tone with this outdoor Oriental rug. More info: www.fatboy.com Our practical decoration videos