When decoration plays at Mikado

When decoration plays at Mikado

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Game of skill at the base, the Mikado has already inspired cakes in the form of sticks, like its chopsticks. It is in the pot of decoration that it now falls! His goal: to prove to us that instilling an unusual and playful touch at home is a breeze… It remains to be seen whether we adopt this funny trend with real baguettes or a homemade makeover.

Mikado chopsticks diverted to decorative storage

First, there are the real Mikado wands. Those that we recovered in a cardboard box mounted in the attic or in the pile of games that toddlers, grown up, no longer want. The idea? Recycle them. How? 'Or' What ? Using them to fill a rigid container. Because once well stocked, it becomes an extraordinary storage in which it only remains to plant knives and utensils if you are in the kitchen, brushes and makeup pencils if you are in the bathroom, scissors and pens if you are in the office, letters and postcards if you are in the entrance! It's chic, practical and inexpensive!

Mikado XXL chopsticks diverted into decorative accessories

The other trick to reveal the decorative potential of the Mikado game is to buy it in XXL format. Why ? Because it keeps all its authenticity and because its double volume assures us that it will be noticed every time. In terms of staging, several possibilities. First in the child's room. Here, we do not hesitate to lean everything against a wall, or place it in a container not very large (so that the game remains in the foreground). For adults, we choose it to awaken the child's soul of the decor with small touches. The idea: to group the complete set in order to tie all of his chopsticks together, so that by letting go, they stand on their own, as if it were a bunch of wheat ears. The result is purely decorative in the living room or the dining room, and becomes practical in the bedroom and the entrance… provided that the chopsticks are more than XXL, but on a human scale. If this is the case, this assembly becomes an atypical coat rack for hat, scarf and jackets; or an extra dressing room for necklaces, scarves and belts. Ingenious, right?

Mikado sticks as inspiration for decorative makeovers

At home, it's easy to revamp an object ourselves, taking direct inspiration from Mikado's game. Just choose a thin and elongated support for the "baguette" side and paint different bands of color, blue, white, yellow, green, red or black, so that they form small circles around the support . Because in the real game, these more or less spaced stripes do not yield the same number of points, so that they have become one of its main characteristics! Need an example? The customization of the 4 legs of the dining table, using paint and painter's tape (to delimit the thickness of the strips), or that of our collection of Chinese chopsticks, going from the classic look to the fun and unusual. Attention, maximum stylized result guaranteed! The inspiration for the "Mikado" trend begins now! Our practical children's bedroom videos