Holiday photos make the wall!

Holiday photos make the wall!

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Before your vacation even begins, here are 3 decorative settings for your future photos! Or the best way to prolong the good mood of the holidays by surrounding yourself with the best memories of the summer ... As for the location, it is on the walls of the living room that it happens.


The staging that mocks traditional codes, here it is! The idea: stick his photos on the wall with Patafix so as not to damage paint and wallpaper, and scatter them at random here and there. If they are not all the same size, if some overlap: it's even better! Because here, the idea is to play on an unstructured pace forming an unexpected wall kit. The little extra? Affix a light frame around your 2 or 3 favorite shots. Thus, they will stand out in style from this photogenic mass!

Like at the museum

The decor inspired by museums is very trendy. In this case, each photo must be carefully framed, either in identical frames to accentuate the art gallery effect, or in various frames to revisit the idea in a more arty style. Then, several possibilities. One can, place each frame next to each other on long wall shelves or align them wisely to the wall. The little extra? Frame a maximum of photos to maximize the "museum" rendering!

Variable geometry

The photographs master the geometry lessons rather well. Because there is nothing like an arrangement of staggered photo frames (forming an XXL rectangle for example) to energize the wall in style. And the effect does not stop there. We can also play on the size of the frames to redirect the inspiration in a "variable geometry" look. Take, for example, pictures of children parading through the ages. Arrange them in frames from the smallest to the largest, at the same rate as their size, and you will get a nice metaphor for the verb "to grow" ... Our creative leisure videos