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Equip yourself for a healthier home

Equip yourself for a healthier home

If certain actions are essential for a healthier home, you can also increase your efforts by opting for equipment and accessories that will give you a boost. Here are 4 shopping suggestions to adopt at home.

We offer an air purifier

As you probably know, indoor air pollution is just as bad as that caused by exhaust pipes. Also, even if you ventilate your interior every day, you can equip yourself with an air purifier which is intended to help you fight against household pollution. This small device will indeed filter the air to rid it of harmful compounds. The most design is undoubtedly also the most famous: it is the Andréa air purifier by designer Mathieu Lehanneur. A green plant with purifying power is placed in the device and a fan draws in the air so that it is purified by the plant and returned to the room. The effectiveness thus depends on the type of plant. The best and to choose ivy, a ficus or aloe vera are plants that are called depolluting.

We prefer healthier furniture

To avoid VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and pollution linked to adhesives, care must be taken when choosing your furniture! Indeed, furniture made of particle board or MDF gives off more pollution in a room. In addition, synthetic furniture, that is to say PVC for example also emit VOCs. You should also know that UV rays accelerate the degradation process which accentuates the emanation of VOCs. To limit the pollution linked to furniture, it is therefore advisable to choose solid wooden furniture, for example, which is therefore more natural and less harmful to health. We can also turn to stainless steel furniture or glass.

We adopt safer coatings

In addition to the furniture, the coatings of the house do not fail to release VOCs dangerous for health. Again, the choice must therefore be judicious and you will have to favor the most natural materials. For the walls, you can turn to ecological natural paint which guarantees a low VOC level. On the ground, it is preferable to avoid synthetic coatings made with petroleum derivatives to bet on natural coatings such as solid parquet, tiles, stone or even cork. Remember to check the labels that indicate VOC emissions. For installation, avoid as much as possible the glue which would cancel your efforts by releasing VOCs.

We scent naturally

To perfume your interior, avoid chemicals and favor natural products as much as possible. Note that candles, incense and all accessories that produce combustion give off particles. However, Armenia paper can be used sparingly which has "purifying" properties and which is for example a very good anti-moth product. To perfume your interior, therefore prefer essential oils or lavender sachets that you can have in your interior.