Homemade bouquets: mistakes to avoid

Homemade bouquets: mistakes to avoid

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Mother's Day immerses us once again in the euphoria of flowers and bouquets. For those who have decided to get started independently without going through the flower shop, or almost, this is the opportunity to become unbeatable in floral art! On the program: a little initiation lesson in 5 mistakes not to commit, here.

In the choice of flowers

It is true that by arriving at the local florist, we are tempted to mix all the varieties of flowers that we like. The catch is that it is far from being recommended. Because the basic rule for obtaining a harmonious bouquet is to limit yourself to 1, 2 or 3 varieties maximum. Conversely, venturing into a display of diverse and varied flowers only creates a feeling of visual inconsistency! Our advice: start by defining the style of the bouquet to avoid dispersing yourself in the choice of flowers. Because depending on whether it is romantic, chic, rural, summer, the preferred varieties will not be the same ...

In the number of colors

The rule of three applies to both floral art and decoration. Thus, if the varieties of flowers in the same bouquet must not exceed the number three, the same applies to the number of colors to choose. We therefore avoid getting carried away with a multicolored color chart. And if monochrome is not the desired style, you can always play on the contrast by adopting a pastel shade, a neutral second and a more sustained third. By degrading a single color according to this golden rule, it works too! Since we are talking about numbers, the total number of flowers must be odd to favor an asymmetrical and therefore more harmonious arrangement.

In the chosen colors

Does the language of flowers mean anything to you? This rule according to which each flower would be associated with a very precise symbolism: joy, optimism, mourning, friendship ... The main mistakes to avoid? Offer yellow roses to his or her beloved because they are synonymous with infidelity or even flowers in dark red tones, more evocative of jealousy than passion. No question either of taking out a dark purple bouquet outside a funeral!

In the distribution of flowers

A beautiful bouquet does not support being assembled in a hurry. What is needed is to twist it. This means that we assemble the flowers, one by one diagonally, taking care to distribute the colors. The mass is thus more homogeneous and more harmonious!

In the choice of vase

The bouquet container is a bit like the gift wrap of a present. It is not the main element, but if you choose it wrong, it transforms the general effect! Also, we avoid staging the composition in a vase that is too small or too large. What is needed is to choose one that represents a third of the size of the bouquet, both in height and in length if it is bulky!