When the decor plays with darts

When the decor plays with darts

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The month of May, the joy of its public holidays and its bridges. Suffice to say that the time is for games and relaxation! But especially at games. In this case, to those of darts! As a diversion in the house, the shooting targets, diverted into playful objects have become this season, our decoration target.

With coat hooks

At Fleux, we let ourselves be coaxed by a set of hooks in the form of darts. To have the impression of pushing the wall, jackets, scarves and vests with our Indian bow in hand, we love it!

With a coat rack

Going from dart hooks to the target coat rack, hanging our garments in balance on simple arrows is no longer an illusion, but a reality. To achieve this, we simply divert a game target into a wall storage support for the bedroom or entrance! The result, intensely original, will certainly surprise you ...

With a carpet

Direction Fly in search of target number 1. A carpet with the eponymous name which we let you guess the design. Only one clue: yellow and black circles going from the smallest to the largest and numbered in ascending order…

With a jewelry box

We are literally fans of the wall jewelry box imagined by designer Julie Gaillard. Namely, a wooden box intended to store rings and earrings and whose peculiarity is none other than its form of shooting target, beech color and sky blue or beech color and bright red. And that's not all ! Perforated as by the arrow imprint, it allows you to take a look at all the jewelry without even having to be opened. 100% fun!