3 ideas for storage in the living room

3 ideas for storage in the living room

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The living room is the ultimate living room where storage is essential to feel good! Also, you will have to maximize the furniture in order to tidy up this space without cluttering it. You do not know how to do it ? We give you some tips!

Crockery and linens in a buffet

If your living room is open to the dining room, you will be able to install a piece of furniture that serves as a link between the two while providing you with remarkable storage space. So we put on a low buffet that will accommodate the linens and the dishes needed to set the table. The good news is that as this piece of furniture is low, it will allow you to have decorative items on its shelf.

Hi-fi devices in a TV cabinet

To avoid visually cluttering the space of all your high-tech devices such as the DVD player, the game console and the internet box, be sure to offer yourself a piece of furniture that will allow you to hide everything! For that, you will find clever TV furniture which presents the compartments adapted to your equipment. Thanks to the cable passage, all devices will be hidden behind doors while being connected.

Books and decorative items in a library

To mix storage and decoration in the living room, the library is an essential piece of furniture! You will be able to store books and decorative objects there, but also papers provided you place them in storage boxes that you will slide into the shelves so that everything is aesthetic. By giving space to everything, you will get a very pleasant tidy living room.