Small spring prices!

Small spring prices!

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It's spring ! To celebrate this in decoration, we put on some accessories that will put our interior at the time of the beautiful days. Here is a small selection for you so that you only have to distill some accessories in the house.

The awakening of nature in the living room

The garden is awakening and so is your decor! For this, make way for a decor turned outwards in the living room with cushions with plant motifs which are installed on a sofa to give it a new style in line with the season. We will also think of having one or two vases in the house to accommodate the fresh seasonal flowers. Some candles in the shape of flowers will bring country touches to the room but we also think of using candles that really smell of flowers. And spring is already in your home thanks to a few decorative items at low prices!

A bucolic spirit in the bedroom

In a bedroom, you can create a bucolic atmosphere that will bring a touch of romance to the room. We add small magnetic birds to the curtains and we have a bird cage or a small decorative birdhouse on a piece of furniture to bring the natural touch that will refresh the room. And to set the scene, we think of the flowered canvases to hang on the wall or simple stickers that will green the walls in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is open the windows and let the sun in for a decorative renewal that we've been waiting for!