Video: making the lid of a storage box

Video: making the lid of a storage box

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Do you have cardboard scraps and don't know what to do with them? Do you want to create custom lids for your boxes? Patricia, cardboard organizer, explains how to make a cardboard cover for a round box. On your marks, ready, cut out!

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Make a lid step by step

To make a cardboard cover for a round box, you must first cut a cardboard round: the dimensions of the spokes correspond to the rays of the box, to which we add 6 millimeters for the packaging of the box. The wrapping of the lathe is done using a strip of cardboard 1 mm thick and 2.5 cm high, which is cut and assembled with kraft to form a cylinder. The cardboard round is then inserted inside the cylinder, after having glued the edges of the round with gel glue. The reinforcement of the cover is made using kraft paper which is glued on the top of the cover, on the edges as well as inside.

Making a cover: the covering

To dress a cardboard cover, you must first put the top of the cover on a cardboard with the patterns of your choice, before cutting the cardboard and sticking it on the top of the cover. The rim covering is done using a cardboard 2.5 cm wide. For the inside of the lid, use a cardboard box with a radius reduced by 1 mm compared to the radius of the top of the lid. Also cover the inside of the rim with a 2 cm strip of cardboard. Your cover is now finished! Watch the video Making a cover on Produced by Minute Facile.