High tech gadgets for your home

High tech gadgets for your home

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Today, gadgets are made to make our daily lives easier without throwing design aside! Here is a small selection of high tech and aesthetic gadgets that will make your life easier!

The Husqvarna Hybrid: the solar lawn mower

We already know robot vacuum cleaners who vacuum all by themselves. Now there is a lawn mower that works on the same principle! The Husqvarna Hybrid, equipped with a solar panel, doubles the mowing time per charge on a bright summer day and produces no harmful emissions. Everything is controllable thanks to a touch screen on the side of the device and a secret code is required to unlock the device.

Cdock: iPhone dock and retro clock

Enough plastic iPhone docks? Here is an alternative to your problem: the Cdock. It takes on the retro look of old television sets from the 60s! Slide your iPhone inside to turn it into a clock and let it charge!

Lens Mug: drink your coffee in your photo lens

For photo lovers, drinking coffee or tea with a lens is inconceivable and yet Lens Mug has made a perfect replica of Canon and Nikon lenses! Appearances are deceptive but in reality they are real coffee thermos! Something to surprise your photographer friends.

Play: goodbye post-it

This little comic bubble gadget lets you record video messages. Easy to use, Play has only 3 buttons: "record", "play" and "delete". Like its ancestor, it is equipped with a magnetic fastener which will allow you to fix it to your refrigerator! What save a few sheets of paper.

Roomba: the robot vacuum cleaner

On sale since 2002, this range of robot vacuum cleaners has never stopped innovating. The latest series to date: the 700 series. With a sleek design, with a touch screen and an integrated programmer, this robot ensures exceptional cleaning performance!

Dyson: air conditioning without blades!

A futuristic device both in terms of design and functionality! Easy to clean and safe, Air Multiplier technology amplifies the surrounding air generating a gentle and regular breath of air. In addition it includes an intelligent thermostat which can be programmed in advance which avoids waste of energy!