How to install a sliding door?

How to install a sliding door?

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Answer: the sliding door is delivered as a kit.

The sliding door is a practical solution for tight spaces. So that you can install it yourself, it is delivered as a kit. However it is better to be two to install it, because some doors are heavy. The kit includes the frame, the rails, the fixing, the casters and the screws. Bring a drill / driver, a hacksaw, a meter and a pencil. Before purchasing your kit, measure the height, depth and width of the access you want to have with a sliding door. You can have the door reduced in store. Mark where the top and bottom rails will go. Lay them with the front and rear decorative slats. The upper rail is screwed but for the lower rail, you will have to make a groove. Then mount the moldings on the door panels and the upper and lower rollers. Finally, place the door.