Decorative gift boxes for Christmas, instructions for use

Decorative gift boxes for Christmas, instructions for use

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Who wants fake gifts under their Christmas tree on D-Day? Person ! On the other hand, they are welcome when it comes to creating purely decorative settings. Because if the nicely wrapped boxes are the very icon of the holidays, it is because their potential to sow surprise and multiply the enchantment is incontestable. So quickly, we discover how to use this brilliant visual sham that steals almost nothing from our wallet.

Spirit recovered

To make our fake gifts, we align ourselves with the "recuperative" trend. Shoe boxes, cake boxes, household appliance boxes, boxes where Christmas baubles were stored: in short, these are all these square, rectangular, small or large boxes which we do not use or which we will offer an amazing makeover . A meticulous selection of gift wrap and pretty ribbons in your pocket, and we pack everything! Only one rule to follow: keep the same common thread for all of these "decorative gifts", so that their accumulation has more impact in your final decor. The ideal? Choose it according to your major holiday theme. So, for a natural atmosphere, we gladly opt for kraft paper and raffia, for a frosted atmosphere, we will prefer white with colored patterns, and for a chic atmosphere, black and white graphic paper or precious gold and silver paper .

Staging ideas

The next step is to stage these sublime creations. The first idea to steal? Compose a Christmas tree by superimposing them in a pyramid in the living room. It's chic and original! Without playing the card of the false tree based on false gifts, we can also stack them against a slightly empty wall section to form an extraordinary magic table or arrange them in bulk on a chest of drawers, the coffee table or in the Entrance. And for New Years Eve, they will do wonders in the center of the table or as a place card on each plate