Cardboard in all its forms

Cardboard in all its forms

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Gone are the days when cardboard was only used to pack our things for moving. Today, it is becoming a real material that is used in decoration, especially to create furniture. Zoom on the new possibilities that cardboard offers to you and our advice to use it at home! All to your boxes!

Cardboard accessories and furniture

Ecological issues have undoubtedly helped to rethink cardboard and to consider it as a material for furniture and accessories. Indeed, the trend is upcycling, that is to say that we seek to give a new and better life to an element. In this case, the cardboard which served as a base for packaging thus becomes a practical or more aesthetic piece of furniture or accessory. The designers then became interested in cardboard and no longer hesitated to use it as a raw material to create furniture such as seats or coffee tables but also original decorative accessories. You will find pencil pots, light fixtures but also original cabins for children. This type of furniture and accessories will fit as well in a decoration with green accents as in a more classic decor style because some furniture does not at all seem to be cardboard!

Make your own furniture

At the same time, individuals also understood the interests of cardboard as a decorative material and also embarked on the creation of furniture. Creative hobbies therefore also focus on objects to be made of cardboard because it is handy but also very cheap since it can be recovered. To help you get started in the art of cardboard boxes, you will find many books written by enthusiasts who allow you to create objects step by step using cardboard as a raw material. In the book "Cardboard decoration" published by Tana, you will find no less than 60 ideas for decorating your interior with cardboard. Our favorites ? Amandine Dardenne's creations: a children's shelf, a recuperative pendant lamp and a very designer lamp. And in the book "L'atelier de Fificartoon" in Saxony editions, Sophie Frankfurt alias Fificartoon reveals her inventive creations with sleek and geometric forms but also real techniques to enhance the cardboard by putting it in volume or by creating roundings. Before you get started, know that you will need patience first but also basic equipment. Bring a pencil, a ruler, a square and a compass for the outlines and an update: 739781 cutter, classic scissors and notches for the cuts. Then you will need news: 739807 brushes and rollers for gluing, and glue of course. To provide you with boxes, do not hesitate to contact the supermarkets which generally throw away the delivery boxes they receive. You will find there often very thick boxes which will allow to create solid pieces of furniture.