Apis Cera, 100% natural candles

Apis Cera, 100% natural candles

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It was by looking for natural candles to offer to his family that a young man had the idea of ​​creating a brand of eco-responsible French candles in 100% natural embossed beeswax. Apis Cera was born!

The candles of today

Did you know that most of the candles sold on the market are mainly composed of paraffin or stearin at the expense of the famous beeswax? This is the finding of the creator of Apis Cera who then regrets not finding any quality natural candle at an affordable price.

Apis Cera where the return to nature

Apis Cera means "beeswax" in Latin and it is the only ingredient that you will find in the candles of the brand new. With the ambition to restore the letters of nobility to the candles, the latter are entirely made of natural beeswax with a 100% cotton wick and handcrafted. Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-polluting, Apis Cera candles then appear as a real return to nature, the smell of wax will only delight you. The most decorative: the embossed blonde wax offers an original rendering reminiscent of the bee hives and stands out from the candles that are usually found on the market. Green and decorative, it's the winning association! You can offer yourself or yourself these eco-responsible candles wrapped in tissue paper in an elegant box (9 candles) with the Apis Cera seal. Count 29 euros. > More info on apiscera.com