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Mistakes to avoid in choosing the colors of the living room

Mistakes to avoid in choosing the colors of the living room

Lung of the house, family living room par excellence, the living room allows you to imagine all the decorations provided you choose the right colors. Neither too cold, nor too flashy, you have to find the right measure and not fall into certain faults. Deciphering the mistakes not to make to create the living room of your dreams.

Don't fall into a bath of cold colors

It is one of the living rooms where family activity is most important, the living room must therefore be a warm place, a cocoon where everyone feels good. To do this, balance your cool colors with warm colors. An overflow of cold colors would give an austere and uncomfortable appearance to your room. Conversely, advises Catherine Filoche, stylist consultant at Dulux Valentine: "Favor cocooning colors like natural, gray and taupe for the wiser and approach plum, purple, red for the more daring".

Don't overdo it

Who says color does not say rainbow! Be careful not to graze on bad taste and fatal error by choosing a multitude of colors. Proceed in stages and choose your shades according to their harmony. You can get help either from a professional who will come to your home, or from a technician who will be able to inform you in specialized stores, with color charts in support. But as a general rule, never forget that you should not exceed three colors in the same room.

Do not choose your colors at random

Whether you fall for a plum or turquoise living room, do not paint your room on a whim, because color plays a key role in the volumes of the room. If your living room is small, adopt light colors such as linen or cream. Shades that will visually enlarge the room. Conversely on a large living room, warm the room by choosing warm and warm colors to bring a cozy atmosphere to your space. You can also combine two colors, making sure that the most intense color covers only one section of the wall, so as not to darken your room. Always think that the living room is the living room where you receive your guests and where your family meets, so stay in warm colors but fairly neutral.

Don't forget your furniture and your floors

Before deciding on the color of the walls in your living room, first analyze the color of your furniture and your floor coverings so as not to be totally out of step with the style of the latter. If your furniture has dark shades, highlight it by choosing light colors. Same approach with your floors. All our Deco videos