We like the raw wood shelves

We like the raw wood shelves

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Wood is one of the favorite materials for interior decoration. Beautiful, noble, solid, timeless, it adapts to all styles. The raw wood shelves are ideal: practical and completely modular. To optimize space, judiciously separate two rooms, from the child's bedroom to the living room, from the dressing room to the back kitchen, this ultra-economical storage method lends itself to all fantasies.

A library partition

To transplant to the Scandinavian style, the library partition is really one of the smartest elements of the house. It allows to kill two birds with one stone by delimiting each space according to the needs while allowing to store the favorite objects of each member of the family. Both a decorative element and a storage unit, the library partition also makes it possible to add space to cramped accommodation by creating an additional room. The big advantage is that the library partition lets in light, thus limiting expenses since it becomes unnecessary to create an opening to the outside in the new space. To add an extra bedroom or create an office area in a slightly too large living room, you can therefore opt for the raw wood shelves to paint in a tone in perfect harmony with the ambient style, or to keep as is for a rustic note.

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Combine aesthetics with solidity

The raw wood shelves are unanimous: they are both beautiful and solid. So, whether you're a fan of Formula 1, London architecture or old books, targeted literature can be displayed on the raw wooden shelves, safely. They are indeed able to support a significant weight without blinking and elegantly. Itou for enthusiasts of culinary preparations requiring a whole arsenal of sometimes very heavy utensils: equipping a back kitchen with a string of wooden shelves is an excellent solution for storing this type of material. We can therefore bring a good dose of practicality to accommodation, even tiny. Storage is done alone and economically.

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The art of smart storage

Specialists in furniture and DIY stores offer a very interesting range of raw wood shelves. It's up to everyone to choose the length, thickness and depth that suits them. From the CD or DVD shelf to the shelf for large DIY materials, anything is possible. And to integrate the shelves into the decor, it's a breeze. They can fill the void under the stairs if you opt for a retractable model or optimize the attic slopes in order not to lose any square meter. They are ideal for equipping a dressing room at low cost. In the kitchen, the wooden shelf gives the impression of a dresser. And to hide the small unclassifiable trinkets, you can completely equip the shelves with drawers.

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Depending on the style sought and depending on the room in which they will be installed, we choose between chipboard - sufficient for the basement, the garage and other annexes to the home - and beautiful solid wood, raw finish to bring style and the warmth of the interior design. Definitely, we like wooden shelves and they make it good for us!

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