Reconcile bright colors and soft colors in a living room

Reconcile bright colors and soft colors in a living room

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Question from Alice:


Answer: opt for red or purple with gray

Hello Alice, first of all, nothing could be easier than combining your different colors to make your living room-dining room-kitchen a real decorative space! The two associations that I will consider would be that of red or purple with gray which are two combinations in tune with the times. You won't get tired of it as long as the flashy color isn't too present in your large room. Choose red or purple, depending on your taste, to paint a section of your kitchen wall. The front of the furniture will be rather gray and neutral to temper the flashy color and not add to the ambience of your space. The splashback above your work surfaces will resume the chosen bright color. Also use this color in the decorative elements (lampshade, vase, frame, kitchen utensils, stool files, cushions, etc.). You too, send us your decoration question