Little Pan in Wonderland

Little Pan in Wonderland

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Founded in 2002 by Myriam De Loor and Pan Gang, the Petit Pan brand continues to color and poetize the world of childhood. Inspired by the codes of traditional Chinese culture for styling and prints, the young Sino-Belgian couple imagined a sparkling and invigorating universe composed of accessories, bed linen and clothes for the little ones. The new collection called Microcosme suggests a sunny winter!

A package from China…

Myriam De Loor and Pan Gang, a couple at work and in life, met when Myriam just returned from Florence, a fine arts diploma in hand. From their love was born a little boy, Emile, who will be offered by his Chinese grandmother a nice package filled with traditional Asian clothes. Love at first sight from Myriam for these colorful and cozy little clothes! They then decide with Pan to go to the "Middle Kingdom" to present the baby to his beautiful family. From this trip will be born the Petit Pan brand, which initially offers the kites imagined by Pan's father and children's clothing made by the family. The first collections met with immense success, and the following were enriched with duvets, bumper pads, comforters and furniture for the little ones created by Myriam. Over the years and travels, the Belgian designer dares to mix and match colors, without ever losing the fresh and playful touch that has made the brand successful. It is gradually growing, but remains on a human scale: ten years later, the products are still handcrafted by Chinese artisans. Petit Pan now has six Parisian stores in its own name, numerous points of sale in France and around the world through a network of selected brands as well as an online store

A delicate and colorful universe

If patterns and color are the two red threads of the Petit Pan brand, Myriam De Loor always takes special care to respect the ancestral Asian graphics. Having a real predilection for the color pink, the young mother nevertheless puts a new color in the spotlight with each collection. For example, the range of fabrics and prints launched for fall and winter 2012 includes gray for the first time, without forgetting the warm colors - red and purple - and the more lively tones. Like a microcosm, the new collection aims to be joyful, sweet and swarming! In addition to clothing and decoration, Petit Pan offers a range dedicated to haberdashery, in order to perpetuate the spirit of creation. We therefore find the brand's best-selling fabrics, but also bias, printed buttons, laces and various materials. Everything is available to inspire and imagine your own quilts, mobiles, clothes or baskets in the news: 739845 fabric.