Choosing a studio vacuum cleaner

Choosing a studio vacuum cleaner

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The good news, when you move into a studio, is that the floor area to be vacuumed is limited. The worst part is that you will probably have trouble finding the space to store your vacuum cleaner. So as not to be condemned to the broom, it is therefore necessary to find a vacuum cleaner which is efficient without being bulky. Fortunately, manufacturers have already addressed this problem, so here is a selection of vacuum cleaners specially dedicated to small spaces.

Stick vacuums

Stick vacuums, very popular today, combine all the advantages for a studio. They are easy to store thanks to their shape, they are bagless which eliminates the need to store bag refills and even if their dust collector is small, this is sufficient for the surface of a studio. Today they are more modular since many models are available in a 2 in 1 version, allowing you to switch from the stick vacuum cleaner to the hand vacuum cleaner. We can quote for example the Ergorapido 2 in 1 of Electrolux or the free jet 3 in 1 at Hoover.

Micro-vacuum cleaners

Manufacturers are well aware that the size of our homes, especially in urban areas, tends to decrease. Some of them have therefore sought to offer vacuum cleaners capable of offering the same performance as their standard devices but in reduced dimensions. This is the case, for example, of the Dyson DC26 City which fits in the hand and which weighs only 5.2 kg. This is also the case for the SmallStar from Philips, which weighs 4.2 kg, available with or without a bag.