Zoom on the reconstituted stone

Zoom on the reconstituted stone

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Available for indoor and outdoor rooms, reconstituted stone is an added value in the renovation of your home. Its wide variety of colors and aspects makes it possible to create floors that are both original and personalized. Its refined aesthetic is a real asset for your floor. It contributes to creating a daring and unique floor.

Composition of the reconstituted stone

The reconstituted stone is characterized by its composition based on crushed natural elements. Made with a mixture of concrete and minerals, this coating is robust, non-slip and easy to maintain. In addition, on contact with the foot, it reveals a unique softness. Tinted in the mass, the reconstituted stone exists in a wide choice of colors for a variety of shades that will meet your expectations. There are a multitude of colors and aspects for this type of soil. Reconstituted stone can imitate certain materials such as wood, for example. It perfectly reproduces natural stone for a noble and elegant floor. Its imitation capacity allows you to create classic or modern floors according to your desires. It is also available in different shapes: slabs or tiles. You can bring your personal touch to your floor.

Easy to install, maintain and resistant

The reconstituted stone reveals many advantages. Its very regular calibration allows it to be positioned easily and thus to land with ease unlike natural stone. Glued or sealed, installation is simple. The calibration of the tiles and the thinness of these as well as the lightness of this type of floor allow an easy installation. Almost impossible to break, the reconstituted stone has an optimal lifespan. It is also very resistant against wear, strong passage and impacts. For stains, it is recommended to pass a treatment after installation because the reconstituted stone resists stains moderately. For minor soiling, use warm water and soap. Cleaning with soapy water is an efficient and easy solution. Light and cheaper than natural stone, reconstituted stone is perfect from a practical and economical point of view.

A wide choice of use

The interior and exterior fittings harmonize ideally with the reconstituted stone. It remains a good alternative to natural stone while being more economical. Outside, the reconstituted stone easily integrates into the environment by imitating natural stone, wood or slate. In the garden, it is infinitely available in a fountain, a low wall, the paving of a swimming pool, the paving of a terrace, a driveway or a barbecue. Inside the house, it invites itself on walls and floors. Its rustic aesthetic allows for warm and friendly atmospheres. Reconstituted stone is also essential in modern and design spaces. In anthracite gray wall cladding, it fits perfectly into a contemporary universe. Reconstituted stone offers multiple possibilities in terms of imitation of materials and colors to impose itself both outside and inside.