What is porcelain stoneware?

What is porcelain stoneware?

Porcelain stoneware is a type of tile used for floor tiles. Its composition gives it great resistance to impacts. It impresses with its ease of maintenance. A sponge is enough to remove stains. Its variety of styles, aspects and formats will fulfill your decorating desires.

The characteristics of porcelain stoneware

This type of tile is distinguished by its composition rich in clay, quartz and feldspar. These components give it incredible resistance to scratches and abrasion depending on the level of passage. Enamelled, porcelain stoneware develops a more worked appearance for effects adapted to your desires: mottling, shine, satin finish and nuance. Full mass, it is characterized by great robustness. This is why it is ideal in rooms with high passage. This tile meets all expectations in terms of decoration. Ceramic imitates all aspects and exists in different colors to meet all your desires. It perfectly reproduces wood, cement, metal, marble or stone. With its many nuances of colors and its different aspects, make a floor in keeping with your decoration.

Porcelain stoneware: resistant and easy to lay

This type of tiling combines the advantages by offering a floor that is both resistant and easy to install. Robust and resistant, porcelain stoneware is not afraid of wear or impact. It resists scratches and abrasion. In order to check the solidity of your tiling, the MOHS standard gives indications on the hardness of the tiling in order to know its resistance to scratches. Also remember to check the resistance of tiling to wear with the PEI standard which will give you information.In addition, it is waterproof hence its great ease of maintenance. The stains are very quickly removed with a simple sponge. For installation, nothing could be easier, the tiles are light and easy to install. Clipsable, you can clip the tiles for laying without glue or joint.

Cold and slip tiles

The disadvantage of porcelain stoneware lies in its coldness. This type of tile remains cold for the feet. It is advisable to be equipped to walk on the tiling. In addition, if the ground is wet, you risk falling. In another sense, if the floor is non-slip, it may be more difficult to maintain. On the safety side, it is essential to choose the right tiling because several versions exist according to the grip for shod feet or bare feet.