Chic toilets: instructions for use

Chic toilets: instructions for use

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The most intimate room in the house is perhaps the one whose decoration tempts us the least and yet, knowing that we spend practically 3 years of its life there and that it can be used by passing guests, it would be a shame to neglect the aesthetics of this “little corner”. Here are the instructions for creating chic toilets.

The bowl

It is the essential element of toilets but difficult to make it decorative. The solution then consists in making the bowl as discreet as possible, for example by opting for a suspended bowl. Not only does this type of bowl allow better integration, especially when the room is small, but it also has the advantage of making it easier to clean the floor since no feet stand in the way.

The walls

To create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere, we avoid anything that can be too flashy and we choose to use more neutral colors. In black and white, the toilets are a safe bet but you can also try gray or pastel shades to make the whole brighter.

The sink

If you have the necessary space, add a sink, also suspended, to your toilet. More than a decorative element, it is above all an element of comfort which makes it possible to avoid going to the bathroom each time. For the chic effect, we coordinate the sink with the bowl by choosing it from the same collection.

The accessories

To finalize the chic decor of your toilets, we will not forget to add accessories, also from the same collection to avoid mismatched styles. Finally, who says chic does not necessarily mean lack of fantasy, so we can finish this table with colored toilet paper like the one proposed by Renova.