Rattan spirit throughout the house

Rattan spirit throughout the house

If during the summer, rattan is the star of our gardens, it also enters our interiors for a very natural style. On the program: Rattan furniture throughout the house with armchairs, chairs but also headboards and suspensions.

What is rattan?

Rattan comes from several Asian plants, notably palm. It comes in the form of gray rods that are braided to form several decorative objects and even furniture. With this material, rattan furniture and objects are easy to maintain, but must be protected from humidity and drought. Nowadays, there are many rattan imitations which are then made of woven resin. This new material has characteristics that allow it to be very competitive.

Rattan in the interior of the house

Traditionally, rattan has been used to create massises such as comfortable armchairs, rocking chairs or sofas. You can easily find furniture for your living room which has a rattan base and a fabric covering. In the rest of the house, you can opt for a rattan headboard that will give a very Zen spirit to your bedroom. You will also find rattan hanging lamps that can be easily installed in a kitchen or living room for a natural touch. Finally, be aware that you will now find furniture and decorative items in tinted rattan, which gives very original styles. Discover our rattan selection for the home: