What is a halogen heater?

What is a halogen heater?

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Answer: it is a short range radiator which effectively heats the room and its elements as well as people.

The halogen heater has a halogen lamp which diffuses infrared radiation. Like the infrared heater, the halogen heater heats bodies and objects but not the air in the room. Its scope is less great. The halogen heater is especially suitable for small rooms or small and open spaces, such as a veranda or a terrace for example. It is very widespread on station platforms and in some shops in France. On the private market, there are both fixed and mobile halogen heaters, for a reasonable purchase price. On the other hand, it consumes a lot of energy, it takes at least 1,200 watts an hour, which is much more than other types of radiators. You too, send us your brico question