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What is a hedgehog base?

What is a hedgehog base?



Answer: the most economical foundation system.

Once you have sunk the foundations of a construction, you must realize the base of the building. It is an essential stage of construction. There are three kinds of bases: the hedgehog, the crawl space and the basement. Let us dwell on the hedgehog base. The hedgehog base is the most economical of the three, but it requires a flat floor at the site of construction. You have to start by cleaning and leveling the floor. Then, you will directly cover the ground with compacted stones that will allow you to level the surface. On these stones, you will place a slab with a wire mesh. Finally, you will cover everything with a very resistant protective plastic film to avoid moisture from the ground. The installation of this film is essential for the insulation of your construction. You too, send us your DIY question.