Curtains for a child's room

Curtains for a child's room

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Color, a playful spirit, here are some of the characteristics that should motivate your choice when buying curtains in your child's room. But to go around the question, follow the guide!

Colors and patterns

Princesses, Indians, cartoon characters, you now have a very wide choice in terms of patterns. Match them with your child's tastes but also with the general atmosphere of the room. The curtains are decorative accessories in their own right, also play on their color to bring freshness and cheerfulness.

From transparency to dark

Immerse your little one's bedroom in a bath of light with transparent curtains. The curtains are all indicated and the organdi to be voted for. This type of curtain favors a soft light suitable for play. If your windows are not fitted with shutters, install a double rod and blackout curtains to, in the evening, plunge the room into a half-light suitable for your child's sleep.

Safety first

Banish curtains fitted with a string system. Prefer those with eyelets or legs. Carefully secure your rods with suitable material to avoid any dangerous fall. Always on the safety side, do not install curtains above or near electric heaters. If you have no choice, go for short curtains. Remember to always equip your child's room with a fire detector.