Meeting with designer Catherine Martini

Meeting with designer Catherine Martini

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During creative leisure lessons, you can find it instead of the teacher or student. All that matters to Catherine Martini is the pleasure she experiences in creating her own decorative objects. Catherine has long painted <> and is now concentrating on the mix between sewing and salvage items. Discover a little more of his universe with this interview.

Who are you Catherine?

I am a painter specializing in gluttony!

What are your favorite techniques?

Basically, I paint tables of delicacies (macaroons, strawberry nuns, etc.) from which I am inspired to offer derivative products, in particular sewing kits to make cupcakes in the news: 739845 fabric. This is how, for three years, I started sewing and since then I am having fun mixing it with recycling. I wanted to try a lot of things and little by little I started to make bags. I have a recovered spirit, so I like transformation and above all it has to be practical! What characterizes me is the pleasure I have in continuously training myself by taking courses full of creative hobbies. I also like to introduce new creators by inviting them to my stand or by talking about them on my blog. I also like to set up collections with designers. This is what I did for example with a designer who created paper for scrapbooking from my paintings.

Where can we find you?

On my website, or on my blog La petite boutique des gourmandises. You can also meet me on a few shows like <>, <> and <>. I also receive in my workshop in Draveil, by appointment.

And where can we find your creations?

On my website for my decorative, gourmet and African paintings and for my derivative products. And on my blog for everything about my day-to-day creations, for creative hobbies. In summary, on my website for the sales aspect, on my blog for the creation aspect! Find Catherine's creation: jeans transformed into an office accessory!