Couture video: the hidden stitch

Couture video: the hidden stitch

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Do you want to learn how to make a perfectly invisible hem? Do you need to sew part of a garment very discreetly, but you don't know the method to get there? Laurent Lachèze, co-founder of the Bobines et Combines workshops, explains how to make a hidden point.

Watch the video :

Preparing the hidden point

Before you start sewing your hidden stitch, you must first prepare your material. You need a cubit of sewing thread, a needle and a news: 739845 fabric large enough to be able to double fill. Start by threading the thread through the needle, always focusing on the end you just cut to prevent the thread from becoming tangled. Make a knot at the end of the thread to block it when sewing.

Sew the hidden stitch

When your material is ready, start sewing by hand, hiding the knot of the thread in the seam. Sew the thread in the thickness of the hem, about a centimeter. In the book, stitch a single news thread: 739845 fabric: this makes the point invisible.

Why use the hidden point?

The hidden point, if done well, should not be visible on the front or on the back. At the end of the seam, the only thread still visible must be the contrasting thread that you used to make the hem frame. The hidden stitch is used in particular to make absolutely invisible hems. If you follow Laurent Lachèze's advice, the hidden point will no longer hold any secrets for you! Watch the Couture video: the hidden point on Produced by Minute Facile.