I discover painting on textile

I discover painting on textile

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Painting on textile is above all one technique among others for textile customization. It will ask you for a little patience and of course ... to love painting!

What is textile painting for?

Clearly, this is a nice technique that will appeal to all those who like to personalize textile objects or give new life to clothes, bags, cushions and other articles of fabric that have fallen into disuse, and just paint. You will see that if you are applied, nice owls will be there.

What paint to customize my textiles?

First, know that if you already have a painter's soul and you have acrylic at home, you can simply buy a specific medium to thin your paint and guarantee adhesion and flexibility if you want to use it. on news: 739845 fabric. If not, there are several kinds of textile paint that will allow you to paint on just about any news item: 739845 fabric without finishing (remember to wash your fabrics before starting your project.) One of the most famous fabric paintings is that of the Pébéo brand, under the name Setacolor, which will ensure you an irreproachable quality of rendering. After attaching the patterns to the iron, you will get bright colors that will stand up perfectly to washing and light, without tarnishing or cracking. Choose the so-called "transparent" colors if you want to paint on news: 739845 light fabric, and "opaque" colors for your dark fabrics. You can also have fun with shades with glossy or metallic effects or with relief textile paint that will allow you to make pretty decorations in volume.

How to start?

To start, the stencil technique is the simplest. Prefer adhesive stencils which adhere perfectly to the news: 739845 fabric or if you make your own stencils, use a spray of temporary glue to fix them correctly. You can then try to paint real little illustrations on your textiles just with your colors and your news: 739807 brushes! To transfer your design to the textile, avoid the tracing, use carbon paper, a light board or, failing that, a window and a little sun to be able to copy the design by transparency! And whatever the textile painting technique you use, consider placing a sheet between your table and your textile, because the paint passes through!