I want to build my veranda: what does the law say?

I want to build my veranda: what does the law say?

You want to install a veranda and open your house to the outside, to the garden to enjoy an additional room, bright and pleasant to live in summer and winter? To act legally, avoid disappointment and trouble by sinning out of ignorance, respect the building rules provided by law and applicable since January 1, 2012. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a veranda construction

The surface of your veranda is less than 20 or 40 m2?

Article R.421-17 f of the town planning code stipulates that the construction of a veranda is subject to a simple request for prior declaration of work to your town hall if the area built on the ground proves to be less than or equal at 20 m2. If the construction is included in an urban area, the surface requiring a prior declaration of work is increased to 40 m2, by virtue of decree n ° 2011-1771 of 5/12/2011. To take advantage of this increase, the land must be included in a municipality subject to an urban planning document such as a PLU (Local Planning Plan), a POS (Land Use Plan) or a PSMV (Plan de Backup and Enhancement). However, in certain cases, the town hall may require the filing of a building permit, in particular if restrictions have been laid down in the PLU. Do not hesitate to consult it to know the minimum distances to respect from your neighbors or any other municipal particularity. If you fail to declare your work, you may be forced to destroy your work upon complaint from a neighbor.

Your veranda is more than 40 m2? A building permit is compulsory

The installation of a veranda with a surface area greater than 40 m2 of SHOB (Gross Floor Area, i.e. the sum of all the floor areas built), requires the filing of a building permit with the town hall concerned. Your request must include information relating to the project such as plans, colors, materials, actual area, etc. You will take approximately 3 months to obtain your building permit. Finally, another scenario, if the surface of the veranda is more than 170 m2, you must imperatively have recourse to an architect (decree of December 5, 2011).

Do you want to install your veranda on an existing terrace or transform an existing room into a veranda?

Are you planning to build a veranda from 2 to 40 m2 on an existing terrace? A declaration of work is sufficient (below 2 m2, the work is free). In the same way if you wish to transform into a veranda an unfenced room already part of the existing SHOB, a declaration of work will suffice insofar as there is no creation of a new SHOB. Conversely, if you transform a pitched roof to create a veranda in a garage, the SHOB will be modified and subject the project to the rule of more than 20 or 40 m2 of SHOB.