The return of damask decoration

The return of damask decoration

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The new decorative trend is marked by the baroque spirit and the return of damask, both in terms of fabrics and wallpapers. This winter, cushions, curtains, bedspreads, sofas and rugs play on the card of elegance and refinement, just like wall coverings. The damask is recognizable among all by the richness of its often tone-on-tone patterns, but playing on the contrasts between the matt and the shine. Beautifully crafted, and despite its many patterns, the damask shines with its originality but also knows how to remain discreet.

Damask fabric, a long story

Damascus was born in Persia during the 4th century, but it takes its name from a tribute paid to the eponymous Syrian city, the largest producer of damascus in the 12th century. Damask fabric has always required extreme thoroughness due to its complexity. Its weaving is therefore entrusted to craftsmen weavers showing great expertise. Chosen as an ornament for places of worship, this precious fabric covered the furniture of the palaces. From the Baroque period, then called brocade, it encrusted with gold and its weaving was carried out on a specific loom. It has continued to be used over the centuries for making table linen. Of excellent quality, the damask is still sought after today.

Damascus by the meter

The most creative minds have something to celebrate: the damask is sold by the meter to allow you to create unique pieces, inspired - why not - the most beautiful damask Garnier-Thiebaut. Tablecloth, towels, cushion cover, pillowcase ... there is no limit. Whether you choose ecru, chocolate, black, taupe or powder pink - among the current colors - it will bring a touch of distinction to a chic decor. Fabric editors and creators are not mistaken, and it is as much for its originality as for its timelessness that damask is still woven today. The must consists in offering a natural silk cashmere brocade inlaid with gold threads to dress a window.

Damascus new trend, a small revolution

We owe to Maison Bineau a new generation of damask fabric available in current colors, which benefits from the technological revolution. Always as precious, it is much easier to maintain than the damask of yesteryear as evidenced by the "Sofia" collection by Bineau. Made in Trevira, a polyester fiber, the revisited damask resists fire, light and countless washes. Renowned restaurants and hotels have already adopted it. The damascus in Trevira results from a beautiful marriage between technology and aesthetics, essential to add a note of refinement in a contemporary interior. Our practical table decoration videos