Christmas gifts: the special list for teens

Christmas gifts: the special list for teens

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It is not always easy to give a gift to a teenager who has left the famous Santa Claus list aside. So to please him at the foot of the tree this Christmas, we put on a gift that takes his passion as a starting point. To help you, here are some gift ideas based on the character of your teenager.

For teenagers passionate about travel

Your teen swears by escape? Give him a gift that allows him to travel without leaving his room. If your teenager is more urban, you can bet on decorative accessories that evoke New York or London and that will allow him to create an inspiring universe in his bedroom. If your teen likes nature more, why not offer him a trompe l'oeil which opens part of his wall to elsewhere?

For trendy teens photos

Your teen likes arty atmospheres and sees himself as a trendy photographer? You will be spoiled for choice to offer him a gift on his favorite theme. Go for example at Yellow Corner to find him a young talent draw or offer him the draw of one of his shots. For a more playful gift, we will adopt the Fujifilm Instax mini 8 which allows you to take instant photos or we will offer him a Polabox so that the photos on his smartphone turn into polaroid.

For sports teens

Does your teen have a sense of competition? Athletes at heart can be offered gifts that will help them to spend. We think for example of a punching bag in leather with vintage boxing gloves which will be as useful as decoration in a room. Skateboarders will no doubt be won over by the shelf that takes up a skateboard, and aspiring tennis players will be offered a beanbag shaped like a tennis ball for a room that will vibrate to the rhythm of the sport. Our practical teen bedroom videos