Installing a wind turbine, instructions for use

Installing a wind turbine, instructions for use

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The wind turbine is a device that is able to transform kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy. Most of the time, this energy is converted into electrical energy. The energy produced by wind turbines is among the most revolutionary renewable energies currently. Find more articles on the theme: Renewable energy works quote

Conditions to be fulfilled before installing a wind turbine

Installing a wind turbine is not complicated; however, you will need to check certain parameters to ensure that it will be operational after installation. For this, you must have a clear field with regular wind blowing at a particular speed and a wind turbine. Indeed, the performance of the wind turbine depends mainly on the site. A device 3.5 m in diameter is capable of producing around 1900 kWh / year if the wind blows at 4 m / s. However, if the wind blows at 7 m / s, the wind turbine can produce up to 4900 kWh / year! You can use an anemometer and consult meteorologists who are generally informed about the methods of prospecting wind turbines. You will also need a location permit before you begin installing the device.

How to install your wind turbine?

If you live in the countryside, you can install the wind turbine on a clear hill sheltered from any obstacle. It must exceed trees and buildings by at least 2 meters. Do not forget to provide a safety perimeter around the device in order to avoid any accident in the event of a fall of the wind turbine. If you live in the city, it is best to choose a vertical wind turbine that you can install on the roof of your house. This type of device adapts to turbulent and weak winds without resorting to the use of a mast. However, if you prefer to opt for a horizontal model, it will be necessary to fix the mast on the facade, as if it were a satellite dish. You will need wall clips to secure and stabilize the wind turbine. A horizontal wind turbine can also be fixed on the chimney flue thanks to a strapping.

A secure installation

Installing a wind turbine requires solid knowledge of electrical connections. Do not hesitate to call on professionals to help you in delicate operations. This will allow you in particular to benefit from a certification of your project and a possibility of discount concerning the VAT. An electrician must be responsible for connecting the wind turbine to the electrical installation. The intervention of a professional will verify if the installation complies with safety standards. The most delicate stage of the operation consists in using a lifting winch in order to raise the wind turbine. An in-depth study of your project will avoid any break in the cables during the intervention. To avoid falling, it is also not recommended to install a climbing mast, opt instead for lifting tools during maintenance.