What colors to match with a masculine style?

What colors to match with a masculine style?

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In a masculine style interior, the choice of colors greatly contributes to the atmosphere of the room. It is therefore imperative to choose colors that match the furniture and the chic spirit of the room. To help you, here are the colors that can be adopted without risk of false note.

Black, gray and brown, masculine colors par excellence

In a male interior, the colors of predilection will be mainly dark colors. We will without hesitation adopt black for the elegance it will bring to the room, in particular recalling the costumes of these gentlemen. Of course, it can be installed on the furniture but you can also dare a section of wall in this color or even a total look for a room like the entrance or the toilet. For a more nuanced decor, gray will be ideal because it envelops the room while offering it a very trendy style. Softer than black, it can be used more easily as a total look on the walls for a warm atmosphere that will remain chic and masculine. We can use a few touches of gray with black to give depth to the decor. In addition, brown is another dark color that will lend itself well to a male interior. We adopt all shades of brown thanks to dark wooden furniture but also to leather sofas and armchairs which will give character to the room. On a section of wall or on curtains, brown will also have its small effect.

A touch of white for a timeless interior

Unlike dark colors, white is also a neutral color that will tastefully settle in a masculine interior for its timeless character. A real safe bet! White walls can be easily accessorized and any furniture can adapt to this color. In addition, white will be ideal to combine with a darker color like black precisely. You can then create a graphic game in your rooms by making its two colors coexist. A black sofa will stand out for example on a white wall or a black carpet will skillfully highlight a white table for a dynamic decor that fits well with the masculine style. With brown, the atmosphere will be less graphic and therefore more warm but will not lose its masculine character.

Red for a little dynamism

And if you want color to give life to your room, know that strong colors find their place particularly well in a male interior. We think for example of red which will energize a room with touches with decorative accessories or in a more pronounced version if we choose to paint a section of wall of this color. The good news is that red will also go very well with black, gray or white for a masculine decor that will offer a more urban touch. Be aware that if red is an ideal color for the living room or the kitchen, it is much less recommended in a room where this bright color could make sleep more difficult. Our practical DIY videos