Decorative errors to avoid with white

Decorative errors to avoid with white

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If white is not a color, it still finds its place in our interiors. It even gives it a lot of style provided you know how to use it. So to help you, here are some mistakes to avoid with white in the decor.

Mistake to Avoid # 1: Thinking There's Only a Blank

If we traditionally speak of "white", there is however a multitude of shades of white. Besides, pure white is not the best option for your interior and it is better to favor nuanced whites for an increased brightness of your space. We will find whites with a hint of blue for a refreshing atmosphere, whites with a touch of pink for a warmer white, and whites with darker shades that will give beige tones. Thus, with all its nuances, white can truly match all desires and all decorations.

Mistake to Avoid # 2: Believe White is Cold

Using white in the decor will not necessarily give a cold atmosphere to your decor. First of all, thanks to the many shades, you can choose a warm shade such as slightly pinkish white or white with a touch of beige. Then, you should know that when using white, you have to play with the textures and that's what will allow you to warm the atmosphere. For example, we will avoid plastics and we will prefer soft fabrics and even fake fur to bring a lot of warmth to your decor. The proof that white can not be cold is that it is the main color of the Scandinavian style, ideal for a cocooning atmosphere.

Mistake to Avoid # 3: Thinking white is empty

If white is a symbol of purity and peace, it also represents emptiness and infinity. But in the house, white will not empty if you know how to use it. Indeed, the advantage of white is undoubtedly its ability to reflect light. Thus the lighting of your rooms will not fail to dress them. In addition, by playing on shades of different shades of white, you ensure a decoration in relief that will enhance your volumes and enliven the room. Finally, be aware that opting for white on your walls will not prevent you from decorating them! And the white will highlight your paintings and other photos like an art gallery.

Mistake to Avoid # 4: Don't Dare the Total Look

If the total look is not always advisable in decoration, with white, we can dare! Indeed, the advantage of a neutral color is to be able to adopt it without moderation for a decoration that plays the card of purity and clarity. The good news is that the total white look will suit a design atmosphere as well as a more romantic decoration. Everything will be played out once again on the nuances chosen and the materials used. In a bedroom, the total white look will be particularly appreciated to offer a soothing atmosphere ideal for resting. You will also note that the total white look will be ideal for enlarging a room. What to adopt it urgently. Our practical table decoration videos