Video: how to clean a silver jewel?

Video: how to clean a silver jewel?

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Do you have silver jewelry that time has tarnished? Would you like to give a shine to a silver set? Sylvia Grandperrin, creator of the brand "The Crown Jewels", shares her tips for cleaning a silver piece of jewelry and making it shiny again.

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Use a commercial product

If you want to find a brilliant silver jewel like on the first day without the slightest effort and in just a few seconds, immerse the jewel in a jar containing a product specially designed to clean silver, which you will find in hardware stores. Close the jar, shake lightly then leave to act for a few seconds, then lift the small basket in which you placed your jewelry. Recover the jewel, then pass it under water to remove all traces of product. Your jewel regained its radiance in less than a minute.

Clean the money with an everyday product

To clean a silver jewel without buying a specific product, simply go to your bathroom. Put toothpaste on a toothbrush, then brush your jewelry over its entire surface. Then rinse with water to remove any toothpaste residue. In a few minutes, your jewel will become shiny again. This method has the advantage of not requiring any additional purchase and of being able to be carried out at any time. Thanks to the good advice of Sylvia Grandperrin, your silver jewelry will regain its splendor in a very short time. Watch the video How to clean a silver jewel? on Produced by Minute Facile.