The mistakes to avoid to keep healthy air in your home

The mistakes to avoid to keep healthy air in your home

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Each individual spends almost 14 hours a day inside their home and when you know that the ambient air is not always clean, it is important to adopt simple actions to improve the quality. Ventilation, moderate use of certain devices and products… respecting the instructions and precautions for use are easy habits to adopt which will have the beneficial effect of reducing the risks to everyone's health.

Mistake # 1: not airing every day

The air in our interiors is more polluted than the outside air, so it is important to ventilate the rooms of the house at least 10 minutes every day and even in winter! Why ? Furniture, paintings are the source of toxic fumes that pollute the air we breathe. It is therefore important to renew the air we breathe. And remember to turn off your heating to avoid wasting energy unnecessarily.

Mistake 2: blocking the air vents

Present on the walls, the ceiling or on the windows, the ventilation is essential in humid rooms to keep healthy air. Above all, do not block them or hide them behind a piece of furniture. You prevent air from circulating and thus promote the appearance of mold, which can cause respiratory irritation. Take care of the air vents and dust them regularly.

Mistake # 3: smoking

Avoid smoking as much as possible inside the house and even with the window open! Because smoke is attracted to heat, it tends to be drawn in and out of your room. Toxic odors and fumes thus present are inhaled by the occupants of the house and consequently can harm their health.

Mistake # 4: abusing cleaning products

It is important to maintain your home regularly. But avoid excessive polishing and do not abuse cleaning products, which for the most part contain very powerful cleaning agents, harmful to health. Also, know how to properly dose your products and ventilate your room well when you clean it. The use of plastic gloves suitable for household cleaning is also recommended to avoid products coming into direct contact with your hands.

Mistake # 5: Not checking combustion appliances every year

Odorless, invisible and very toxic, carbon monoxide emanating from heating appliances or hot water production can be dangerous for health. Annual maintenance is advised to avoid poisoning.

Mistake n ° 6: using the auxiliary heaters without moderation

Heat your interior with suitable equipment! Do not continuously turn on the auxiliary heaters, which as their name suggests, are to be used briefly for greater comfort when getting out of the shower, or to raise the temperature in a room that is difficult to heat . Most importantly, avoid running these backup heaters overnight, especially if you are away.

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